Studying How To Accompany Flamenco Singing


Samuel Moore has just returned to the UK following a focused study period in Spain. During this trip Samuel was exploring the art of how to accompany flamenco singing 'el cante'.

Having a prolonged period of time in Spain to focus exclusively on this intricate aspect of flamenco is something that Samuel has always wanted to do. As such, he is deeply humbled that thanks to the generosity of the world renowned flamenco guitarist Juan Martín, who has facilitated a number of such opportunities for Samuel over the next six months , and the financial support of Arts Council England, he is now able to do this!

Samuel would like to extend his sincere thanks to Juan Martín, Antonio Aparecida, Helen Martín and Arts Council England who have all contributed to making this study trip happen!

Samuel is already looking forward to returning to Spain in the autumn to continue his exploration of this fascinating and deep aspect of flamenco!

This project is supported using public funding by Arts Council England:

Samuel Moore