Solo Concerts

The Flamenco tradition was born in Andalucía and is a unique artistic phenomenon whose popularity transcends borders. Most commonly: dance, cante and the guitar are brought together to create a flamenco performance, but solo guitar recitals are also a unique and compelling showcase. 

Samuel Moore is the flamenco concert recitalist who learnt his craft as a one to one student of the internationally acclaimed guitarist Juan Martín. Over the past ten years he has performed as a solo artist and accompanist in concert halls across the UK, Europe and America and has also been interviewed and performed on BBC Radio 3. His musicionship has been described as: “Fantastic” by BBC Radio 3 and “Masterful” by the legendary jazz guitarist Kenny Burrell.

In solo concerts, Samuel performs a diverse programme drawing on the many palos (song and dance forms) that shape the flamenco tradition. From the primal cry of flamenco laments such as the siguiriya, to the razor-sharp attack of dance forms such as the bulerías, Samuel takes his audiences on a unique and informative journey through the Andalucían landscape.  

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