Solo Concerts

The Flamenco tradition was born in Andalucía and is a unique and highly compelling artistic phenomenon. Most commonly baile (dance), cante (singing) and the toque (guitar playing) are brought together to create a flamenco performance, but due to dramatic innovations in the 20th century, brought about by performers such as Ramón Montoya and Sabicas, solo flamenco guitar concerts have evolved to become an equally compelling artistic showcase. 

In solo recitals, Samuel Moore presents diverse concert programmes that draw on the many palos (song and dance forms) that shape the flamenco tradition. From the primal cry of flamenco laments such as the siguiriya, to the razor-sharp attack of dance forms such as the bulerías, Samuel’s concerts take the audience on a unique musical journey through the Andalucían landscape.

Since 2007 Samuel has performed in venues across the UK, Europe and North America, with past tours involving concerts in Café Universel in Paris, Rue-B in New York, The 100 Club in London, the Clothworkers Centenary Concert Hall in Leeds and Ely Cathedral.

Should you wish to book Samuel to perform at your concert series or for a privet event, please send him a direct message via the contact page of this website.



“A fantastic flamenco guitarist!”

- BBC Radio 3

“Last night’s concert it was absolutely amazing! ... I’m still in wonder this morning at Samuel’s beautiful music.”

- Helen Talbot (Event Organiser/Promoter)

“A stunning concert! Exciting, engaging and accessible.”

- David Barton (Audience Member)

“What an amazing concert …, full of musical stories. I couldn't resist imagining dancers swirling on stage! To top it all, the workshop was mindblowing, so fast paced and profound.”

- Nicole Nijssen (Event Organiser/Promoter)


“Amazing day yesterday... Flamenco workshops all morning and afternoon and then an amazing flamenco concert in the evening by Samuel Moore. A great event!”

- Eleanor Kelly (Audience Member)

“… An exceptional experience for The Hermon’s audience! Samuel’s beautiful Flamenco renditions did certainly impress through great musicianship, but equally memorable, and much commented about by audience members, was Samuel’s engaging way of imparting his knowledge of the evolution and intricacies of the different forms of Flamenco. Samuel effortlessly captured everybody’s attention from the first to the last moment and engaged with the audience as a matter of genuine interest rather than as a hollow act of showmanship. We look forward to his return to The Hermon in 2019!”

- Claudia Lis & Barry Edwards (Event Organiser/Promoter)


“A great night...learnt a lot, but above all stunning musicianship! Thank-you Samuel.”

- Ezy Moonjean (Audience Member)

“An unforgettable night! Samuel’s music transported our audience to the different regions of Spain… We hope he will come back to perform again soon.”

- Ruxandra Busoiu (Event Organiser/Promoter)


“Fabulous concert last night!!! Just fabulous.”

- Sussi Louise (Audience Member)

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