A New Flamenco Guitar Workshop Series


It is with great pleasure the Samuel Moore announces that he will soon be teaching a new five part flamenco guitar workshop series in conjunction with Flamenco de Leeds from September 2018 - May 2019! This series of events is entitled The Masters of the Flamenco Guitar Workshop Series and those attending will explore with Samuel the musical language of 5 of the greatest Flamenco masters to have ever lived:


Workshop 1 (22nd September 2018): Ramón Montoya in the context of Soleá and Rodeña.

Workshop 2 (8th December 2018): Niño Ricardo in the context of Soleá and Siguiriya.

Workshop 3 (26th January 2019): Diego del Gastor in the context of Soleá and Bulerías.

Workshop 4 (23rd March 2019): Sabicas in the context of Soleá and Alegrías.

Workshop 5 (11th May 2019): Paco de Lucía in the context of Soleá and Fandango.


Workshop Overview

Over the past century many seminal guitarists have brought dramatic innovations to the flamenco tradition. However, when considering their respective legacies, many modern musicians misunderstand how such figures achieved their distinctive touch, feel and sound on the guitar. Ultimately, there individualism was born as a result of a long, and in each artist’s case, a unique creative journey, in which a deep respect for and propensity to draw influence from past masters of the tradition was central. Put simply, to achieve there innovations, all seminal flamenco musicians first looked to the past for inspiration.

It is with this in mind that the ‘Masters of the Flamenco Guitar’ workshop series was conceived. This unique programme of events, will guide active participants through the evolution of flamenco musical language over the past century. This will de done by exploring the unique creative output of five of the most influential flamenco guitarists of all time in chronological order: Ramón Montoya (1880 – 1949), Niño Ricardo (1904 – 1972), Diego del Gastor (1908 – 1973), Sabicas (1912 – 1990), and Paco de Lucía (1947 – 2014). Each workshop will be two hours in length and each will focus on one of the above artists and explore there unique: falsetas, sense of compás and feel for specific palos. In all the workshops Soleá material will be covered alongside material drawn from other palos.

Samuel Moore has transcribed all the material covered in these workshops to a high professional standard directly from original recordings of the maestros. This material is not currently available though printed publications on the commercial market and as such, the ‘Masters of the Flamenco Guitar’ workshop series is a unique learning opportunity for intermediate to advanced flamenco guitar students.

In order to realise good musicianship, a serious student of the flamenco should first submerge themselves in the rich soil of tradition and heritage. From this, the flowers of individualism and innovation may later grow. The ‘Masters of the Flamenco Guitar’ workshop series is a unique opportunity to help you set this groundwork in place.


Additional Information

Those attending the ‘Masters of the Flamenco Guitar’ workshop series will leave each workshop with a complimentary booklet for there own private study.

(Please note, the complimentary booklets are only included with active participant tickets not observer tickets). 


Workshop Prices

Active Participant Tickets: £250 for all five workshops or £55 per workshop.

Observer Tickets: £150 for all five workshops or £35 per workshop.


Workshop Locations & Times

12:00pm – 3:00pm

Yorkshire College of Music & Drama (1 St Mark's Avenue, Leeds, LS2 9BN)


How to Book Tickets

You can book your tickets by contacting Flamenco de Leeds directly via email: flamencody@gmail.com

Samuel Moore