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Samuel Moore has just returned to the UK following a stunning trip to Granada (Spain) with Michael Christian Durrant! Over the past week Samuel and Michael have been performing together and refining there duet material in preparation for there forthcoming album ‘Guitar, The Heart of Spain’.

Spending time in the beautiful city of Granada was truly inspirational for both Samuel and Michael. They would both like to express there heartfelt thanks to all the wonderful people they met whilst in Spain, particularly Cristina Ruiz and Tess Vonmur for making time to do a stunning photo shoot with them in front of the historic Alhambra Palace! More photos to follow soon.

If you would like to pre order a copy of the forthcoming ‘Guitar, The Heart of Spain’ album, please follow the below link to the ‘Guitar, The Heart of Spain’ PledgeMusic page:

Link to Pledge Music

Samuel Moore