Festival Thank You Message


Thank you to everyone who took part in the Leeds Flamenco Festival 2017! This event, which was organised by Samuel Moore, was a huge success and a fantastic celebration of the flamenco tradition. Thank you to all the performers who took part, particularly the Juan Martin Trio and all the community performance participants. Also, thank you to all the festival’s sponsors, supporters and attendees.

After founding the Leeds Flamenco Festival in 2013 and running it for the past five consecutive years, Samuel Moore has made the official announcement that the 2017 festival was the last that he will take a central role in organising. Samuel is currently in the process of handing the management of this event over to a trusted team who will take the 2018 event forward. Samuel’s is stepping down due to his busy performance schedule and other music career commitments, which have grown dramatically over the past year. As a result of these, he was concerned that his ability to organise future flamenco festivals post 2017 to the high standard you have all grown accustom would be limited. As such, he is passing the baton and looks forward to attending next year’s festival as an audience member.

The Leeds Flamenco Festival’s official photographer Chloé Grayson, who did a superb job on both the 26th and 27th documenting all the festival’s events, took all the photographs contained within this article. There are many more photos that will be made available to the public in a few weeks’ time, as well as videos of some of the performance events.

Samuel Moore