Masters of Flamenco

While the roots of flamenco are deeply embedded in the soil and culture of Andalucía, the art form deals with emotions and feelings that are universal, and therefore are felt and understood by all human beings regardless of there cultural background. However, despite this universality many who attend modern flamenco concerts are unfamiliar with the rich artistic heritage that underpins this fascinating art form. It is with this in mind that Samuel Moore presents his most ambitious solo performance and teaching project to date, Masters of Flamenco.


In Masters of Flamenco concerts Samuel pays homage to many of his greatest musical influences by combining a selection of solo guitar works composed by legends of flamenco, including Ramón Montoya, Sabicas, Esteban de Sanlúcar, Mario Escudero and Paco de Lucía alongside original compositions inspired by Niño Ricardo and Diego del Gastor. Collectively this all comes together to guide audiences though the rich artistic heritage of flamenco.

Should you wish to book Samuel to perform a Masters of Flamenco recital at your concert series or for a privet event, please send him a direct message via the contact page of this website.


Alongside solo concerts, Samuel also offers Masters of Flamenco guitar workshops. These workshops are specifically designed to help intermediate to advanced guitar students build their knowledge and understanding of the evolution of flamenco. More information and examples of Samuel’s workshop handouts are available on request.  


“This workshop series exceeded any preconceptions I had. Samuel Moore has an extremely wide knowledge of flamenco and its roots … His demonstrations and guidance were first class. I am waiting for the next series with great anticipation!”

- Stanley Houghton (Workshop Participant)

Over many years I have had some brilliant and talented virtuoso teachers of the Flamenco guitar but I can honestly say that Samuel Moore is up there with the best of them. Thank you Samuel for a very enjoyable and informative workshop it was well worth the three-hour drive from my home!

- Ronan (Workshop Participant)

“A very popular workshop series from a superb teacher!”

- Vanessa Matthews (Event Organiser/Promoter)