Flamenco Puro


In his seminal work Flamencologia, Anselmo González Climent describes flamenco as an intuitive metaphysics, an embodiment of the fundamentals of human expression and a musical manifestation of what the philosopher Miguel de Unamuno described as “the tragic sense of life”. In this description, Climent encapsulates the essence of a flamenco performance: the primal cry of the singer, the dramatic movements of the dancer, the passion of the guitarist and, above all, the way in which flamenco can transport both audience and performer to another world. It is this quintessence that the ensemble Flamenco Puro exemplify during live performances. In concerts Flamenco Puro, featuring Samuel Moore and guest flamenco dancers and singers, bring to life the powerful rhythms, colours and sounds of Andalucía in a burst of virtuosity, passion and individuality. Each ensemble member is given unique showcase opportunities within the group setting to exemplify pure flamenco.

Should you wish to book Flamenco Puro to perform at your concert series or for a privet event, please send Samuel a direct message via the contact page of this website.